It is referred to individual on acting dumb, silly or idiotic.

When you say Chutiya it means that that person is dumb like new born baby. A new born baby is dumb as it just came out of vagina to this world.

It is derived from Marathi language.
Chut = Vagina
Ya = Come
' kya chutiya giri kar raha hai? '
by Akathekaka August 04, 2009
Top Definition
someone who has the patience to read all the meanings of chutiya in here.
Abe chutiye aur koi kaam nahi hai kya?!
by Chituya December 11, 2003
Mild expletive in Hindi. Not offensive among friends and very handy while driving on Indian roads.
*Dumb pedestrian crossing the road while the signal is red*
Truck Driver(laughing): Yeh Chutiya kahan jaa raha hai, isko jannat ki sair kara deta hoon (Where the fuck is this asshole trying to go, let me send him to heaven)
*Runs the pedestrian over*
by Makkhan Singh Truck Wala October 06, 2004
A uniquely Indian expletive, endearing and rather harmless compared to other abuses, classifies the recipient as either an idiot, or an ignoramus or someone behaving stupidly. Derived from Chut, hindi for vagina.
Chut maare chutiya, lund moot mein jaye
Akalmand to gand mare, lund bhi halwa khaye
by Expert March 06, 2005
The One who has graduated the "SAALE" & "GANDU" knightships and has been rewarded with this surname. Further qualifiactions include BHOSADI KE, BETICHOD, BEHANCHOD n finally, MADARCHOD. If u still love him, u can address him by his sweet name.
Do u really need examples!!! (have a mirror)
by Lalit December 12, 2003
literal meaning is one born from a chut which has yet to become a bhosda... can be construed as born of a virgin..
once the chut is fucked and looses its "seal" it becomes a bhosda..
so chutiya is somebody who was born because his father ejaculated into his mother without even fucking her yet..

but chutiya is used as a general word..without much meaning to it unless the tone used to say the word indicates otherwise..
see examples
in increasing intensity of the meaning..

"abe chutiye, kitne din ke baad yaar.. kidhar rehta hai dude"

"kya chutiya movie tha yaar"

"chutiya banaya yaar...sala"

"abe chutiye..dekh ke thuk na...tera baap aake pochega kya?"

"kya be chutiye kya bola be... bhenchod teri to maa chodunga abhi main"

"ey chutiye..madarchod, teri maa ki gand mein mera lund"

u get the picture...
by chicken chilli November 29, 2009
chutiya : Hindi expletive used in the same context as `fucker'
ex 1: kaisa chutiya hai tu!
ex 2: chutiya panti kyun kar rahe ho yaar?
ex 3: chutiyon kee kamee nahin hai is duniya mei.
ex 4: chutiya, gaandu, madarchod, behnchod, betichod, bhosadi ka, laude are bad words. Shouldn't use them!
by choot pujari December 21, 2004
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