when having sex at the beach, you quickly dip your penis in the sand and prepare to surprise your partner with a real burn.
i gave that girl a nasty churro at zuma beach
by walligator April 03, 2007
when your having sex on the beach with a chick, have her blow u, then dip it in the sand and inserted in the pussy .
get blown, then dip cock in sand then put it her pussy. what we call churro
by player player 25 April 28, 2009
it means a joint in spanish.
pasa el pinche churro guey.(for the white folks)- pass that churro cletis.
by stumpy March 08, 2005
It is when a man covers his dick in cinnamon sugar and proceeds in anal intercourse. During the course of fucking, the person receiving the anal will most likely shit all over the man's dick. Rather then wiping the shit off, the man will keep it there until he cums in the other person's ass. As the man pulls out, his dick will resemble that of a churro. Meaning, a stick covered in cinnamon sugar, fudge and whipped cream. Or in other words, a dick covered in shit and his own semen.

For extra fun, the man may ask the one who took the anal if he or she is hungry. Most likely after enduring the anal, the person will say yes. Which then the man will proceed to throat fuck them with his churro. Satisfying their hunger.
Ryan: "Dude, I heard you had sex with Julia!"
Anthony: "Yeah man, she was so into it she asked me to give her a churro. She even ate the fuckin' thing!"
Ryan: "AWWWW. Sick nasty."
Anthony: "Yeah, what a slut."
by Diaper Face September 23, 2011
when you tickle someones asshole with your middle finger.
Dude stop giving me churros!
by CHRISTOPHERRUZ May 13, 2009
when a male with an uncircumsized penis extends the foreskin up and twists it in a spiral motion, making it look like a churro.
dobbin: whao what the hell is that thing!
corey: i call it the churro!
by crocock November 12, 2008
the opposite of a chode
"his dick was as skinny as a churro!"
by noodle185 July 21, 2009

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