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when having sex at the beach, you quickly dip your penis in the sand and prepare to surprise your partner with a real burn.
i gave that girl a nasty churro at zuma beach
by walligator April 03, 2007
A tasty treat from mexico now made all over the states, a bunch of dough dropped in to a bucket of hot oil (like when someone takes a shit) and then sprinckled with sugar and cinnamon...
person 1:Hey, lets go get some churros
person 2: rawk on nigga you buy.
by churro- February 17, 2005
In mexican slang means a rolled marihuana cigarette or joint.
hey yo gimme some of that churro¡
A stick of marijuana otherly known as a joint
Hey Jose saca el churro!!
by Esahi March 22, 2007
informal spanish word for a cute guy
ay que churro es aquel muchacho
by drow89 May 24, 2009
it means a joint in spanish.
pasa el pinche churro guey.(for the white folks)- pass that churro cletis.
by stumpy March 08, 2005
when your having sex on the beach with a chick, have her blow u, then dip it in the sand and inserted in the pussy .
get blown, then dip cock in sand then put it her pussy. what we call churro
by player player 25 April 28, 2009