The reason why I cringe when I wake up on a Sunday morning. And I had no choice but to go back when I was a kid. I really don't see what exactly is so "spiritually enlightening" about going to Church anyway, because it's just the same exact 2-3 hour service every week, even if they sing two different songs about God's love and Jesus Christ. And I always get that nagging feeling that it's just not natural or right to force oneself to endure hours of monotonous singing and the same old tired speech about how we're all sinners and Jesus loves us.
And yeah the Church claims to promote peace and love, even though it killed millions in the past in the name of God. And I don't see what's the whole point of praying to God for help when he hides himself and refuses to answer our prayers.
by why? July 20, 2003
A place to Worship God our father. Gods house. Where all his people gather to speak of his beautiful word.
In church The pastor Spoke of Jesus the Son of God.
by Tiffany D June 21, 2005
An expression used upon parting like "peace" or "later."
by shawn June 25, 2003
Its where scared motherfuckers go...when they are intimidated and pray to god.. a song from ice cube too
Pussy ass bitch, why are you running? Go to fucking church!
by ©WhiteBoi September 08, 2006
just playing, or joshing you
created at whrhs
"Does he really think he can church me like that"
by David Stone November 11, 2006
Refers to having, or having had, sex. It is a means by which lovers may unceremoniously compliment their partner, and / or their performance in general, as being an earth moving, supernatural experience. A characteristic is that one or both of the participants yells "God!" one really good time, or multiple times. If one, or both, of the participants had to bite a leather belt, themselves, or their partner to prevent yelling "God!" then that also qualifies...shoving one's face into a pillow can be debated.
"We had church last night."
by thebyron September 19, 2008
In the Gay community in the 1960's, this meant the gay bar everyone went to on Sunday morning after being out all night Saturday catting around. You would medicate your hangover, find out how everybody did the night before, etc.
Will I see you in church on Sunday?
by billfish March 24, 2005

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