1) A Place where Persons of a particular Religion, Usualy Christian, Gather to Worship their Particular Religon/Affliction/Cult/whatever

2)A Character In the Popular Web Series "Red Vs Blue" made by Rooster Teeth Productions.
Full name: Private Lenard L. Church
He is Characterised by His Aqua Colored Armor.
"Hi! I'm Private L. L. Church, of The popular Web Series, Red Vs Blue." - Church
by Churba December 08, 2004
To say thank-you to someone.
Jamar: hands Andrew the lighter.
Andrew: Church
by Doc-A-Fella June 04, 2007
1:where you tell your parents your going to be for the next few hours, when in reality,youll be at your boyfriends house,fucking him
"hey mom? im going to church in an hour. have you seen my red dress? the one with the slit up the side?
by oogie boogie jen August 26, 2003
the slang word for goodbye, kind of like saying "peace out."
1- yo dude where you goin?
2- dont worry about it i'll be back later
1- aight man cya
by randomgirlfrommaryland February 10, 2008
A sexual reference, or intercourse, as church. Using a bed as a place of sexual gathering. So good it must be holy.
"Momma, my steeple is all lined up... Baby, let's go to church!"
by Branden Lee Miller October 20, 2007
The place my mom makes me go to even though I am 14 and feel strongly about my own beliefs. And to make matters worse, the damn place is located at my school! Thanks, mom you've earned your award for Professsional Life Ruiner.
No mom I do not want to go to church
by DizzyLizzy November 22, 2006
is synonymous with the word peace. said when leaving someone or some group's presence.
yo man, i am out of here. church.
by the maing December 04, 2003

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