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A building that brainwashes people
Don't go it that church! XD
by MrTanman December 24, 2008
99 103
Verb. To drink alchoholic beverages
This word was created and named for the Brookline, MA area bar "Church".
"I'm going churching tonight"

"Yo, are you gonna church or what?"
by prison97 March 15, 2010
9 14
1. A group of people that claim to be Christians when in reality they aren't.
2. A group of people that gossip about each other behind their backs.
1. "yes I'm a Christian and go to church all the time. I also cheat on my wife with the piano player."
2. "did you hear that our pastor is having an affair?"
"OMG! Really?!"
by Betrayed by you January 09, 2010
17 23
Something that is awesome or official or legit
Dude check out this watch i got on canal street!!
Thats church
by Dr. J bay bay December 13, 2007
10 16
Used in conjunction with the level of coolness or righteousness of an object, person, action or place.
Dude that (movie/guy/jump/park) was so church.
by ianrules18 May 04, 2009
2 9
A word used similar to "Word" to express happiness, excitement, or agreement.
Gary: I'll meet you at the bar
Karl: Church
by Karl S. March 03, 2007
5 12
Code word for teens to get with their friends and smoke weed.
*teacher walks by*
"so we still on for church this weekend"?
"you bet".
by wendalynn April 11, 2009
10 18