Slang for any type of departure phrase.
Dave: Well, this is beat. I'll catch ya later.
MJ: Yeah, I got things to do.
Dave: Alright, peace son.
MJ: Church, nigga!
by Spicky & Girl February 10, 2008
places of prayer. buds of brown decent with smell of jamaican weed.
im goin to church on sunday. im smokin that ill asss churches brown shit fucks me up.
by adammerf May 17, 2004
An increasingly prevalent and defining aspect of the church in America(Churchus Americanus), is its symbiotic relationship with the gas station or convenience store. Scientists have been unable to ascertain exactly how they benefit each other, but the Church and the Gas Station/Convenience Store are frequently found near each other. This relationship has vexed scientists for the last 50 years, when it was first observed. They are not mutually dependent, but they seem to prosper more when together, and Churches independent of Gas Stations and 7/11 are becoming endangered. 7/11 tends to bond more exclusively with liberal denomination churches. AM/PM is far more versatile but works well with the more traditional and conservative churches.
Ex. 1

"By god's will, in this mighty Church, there will be pound cake to dip in orange soda at communion."
by therapod November 27, 2012
A building that serves no purpose. Christ wasn't in church all the time.
God, here goes my money to the church.
by bradnom November 14, 2011
A word used to describe smoking weed usually in the presence of an adult.
Bob: Did you go to church yesterday?
Sally: Yeah, at Fred's house.
by Cheesecakexox December 19, 2010
A word response that is used when you believe something that someone else is saying or has said to be truth.
Tom: "The economy is in the shitter right now."

Kara: "Church!"
by Platinum Princess October 06, 2009
Act of saying goodbye or agreeing to something.
1st person - I'll meet you fools after the game at the G-man!
2nd person - Aight CHURCH! (making offical by forming a "C" with your right hand.
by Brian Cooke October 16, 2006

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