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Church is a fictitious and enviable character in the online series, 'Red vs Blue'. A self serving and crass individual.
Church: "No...I..I'm not gonna make it, Tucker, there's something I need to tell you"
Tucker: "What is it, Church?"
Church: "I just wanted you to know...I always hated you...I always hated you the most"
Tucker: "Yeah, I know you did, now hurry up and die you prick"
by mayej April 03, 2009
A chicken place started in Atlanta, Georgia. Very enjoying, has tasty biscuits, cole slaw, mashed potatoes and gravy, and other tasty sides. Like Popeyes, it is also known as nigga chicken.
Church's is better than Chick-Fil-A and K.F.C., but it's also tied along with Popeye's chicken in my opinion.
by frodaddy February 14, 2005
To agree with when someone speaks the truth. Can be used in place of word.
"Man, work freaking BLOWS!"
by Dtmoore19 January 16, 2008
one word expression to show approval of a situation.

word must be used by itself though, similar to "good", "cool.", "perfect", "awesome." and "sweet." and can not be used in the middle of a sentence

signals the end of the conversation. once the word is used properly, the conversation will almost always end/change topics. if it does not, then chances are you are not using the word properly.
Wrong way:

Person A: Did you see the game last night?!
Person B: Yea! Lebron was so church man.
Person A: What did you just say?

Correct way:
(someone knocks on your hotel room door at 4:02 am and wakes you from a drunken coma. looking through your peephole, you see a man, similar in appearance to a Beatles cover artist straight out of 1967, who is more intoxicated and roughed up than you have ever been. You open the door to find him holding a $5 bill looking at you)

Hotel occupant: Uhh, whats up man?

Intoxicated Man: Do you have a lighter? Ill give you $5.

Hotel Occupant: (reaches for $0.50 bic) Deal.

(Drunken man shakes it and listens for fluid, then lights it.)

Intoxicated Man: "Church."

(To his satisfaction, he gives a drunken thumbs up as he begins to walk away.)

end of conversation. never saw the man again.
by sandpapercondom January 08, 2010
goodness; "all is good"; favorable; great, wonderful terrific; also cool {excellence}; phat
Used to denote a favorable position or announcing/recognizing the goodness of an action or being
Alex's new stereo system is church.
At the party, Matt was looking church.
Veronica enjoyed some church beef jerky.

by Craig Reidinger September 27, 2007
A slang word that stands for "A man's gotta feed his family sometimes".
"Nah, I can't buy a G. Ya'know; CHURCH."
by DogggieThizzle May 21, 2010
Slang for any type of departure phrase.
Dave: Well, this is beat. I'll catch ya later.
MJ: Yeah, I got things to do.
Dave: Alright, peace son.
MJ: Church, nigga!
by Spicky & Girl February 10, 2008