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A totally uncool prude!

Made famous on SNL by Dana Carvey in old lady drag stating

OMG you are acting like such a church lady!

Stop acting like a church lady...I'm gonna puke!!

OK church lady...PARDON ME!!!!!

Dude--you sound like such a a church lady!!!
by thedzone September 30, 2009
ChurchLady:1.n.A Saturday Night Live character played by Dana Carvey.
2.The pwnz. Best player in DoD never. Not even kidding.
1."Well, isn't that special?"
2.ChurchLady? Oh yeah, She's the pwnz.
by Ted August 22, 2003
Person of questionable authority, with arrogance.Any Effeminate Man who acts as though the World was His Creation, and all shall bow before him.
Careful You don`t upset the ChurchLady,or You`ll be BARRED from here!
by VariLex February 01, 2005
The pinnacle of Cam and the Pwnz
Omgz Churchlady and The Cheat are so Cam!!!11oneone
by The Cheat August 26, 2003
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