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its what you call your pet, preferablly a dog, if it appears to have the characteristics of many different animals. Origin: my dog barks like a chicken, whines like a turkey, is as fast and nimble as a rabbit, but looks like a dog. So I took the "ch" from the word chicken, the "ur" from the word turkey, the "bi" from rabbit, and "g" from dog and combined them to form ch-ur-bi-g, aka "churbig". The term churbig can also apply to many types of animals or pets, not just dogs.
friend #1: "dude what the hell kind of pet is that?!"

friend #2: "I'm not sure, I think its a churbig cuz I'm pretty sure birds aren't supposed to squeal like a pig."
by mcgiggity69 July 22, 2011
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