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kiwi for thanks, cool, sweet etc
'that was choice eh bro!'
by munga October 28, 2003
1063 165
New Zealand slang for thank-you.
John: Give me some more chips bro.
Alex: Sure.
John: Chur.
by Limewax August 22, 2008
529 120
Relaxing of the word "Cheers".

Cheers became cheer became chur/churr.

Originally the parting or congratulatory "Cheers Bro"
it is now widely cemented as "Chur bo" as the 'r' has become lost.
Churr bo I'll fix you up on Thursday
by KIWIJARED February 04, 2011
149 72
A term of agreement said only by Maori bros who wear socks with their jandals.
"that was a mean feed bro"

by eisbar May 20, 2009
189 244
a greeting when you meet up with your boys, changed from yer which was killed by wein gays in Harrison
Frank: Chur, cha chur chur whats good for tonight Bill?

Bill: Diner man?
by Silverl8ker February 18, 2010
51 173
chur is another way of saying "sure".

also see chur chursty chursday mixchur furnichur strutchur churmander churros churkey torchur picchur fixchur churific
"i'm chur it's this way"
"you chur that's a good idea?"
"i'm not too chur about this"
"you chur?"
by churrr May 22, 2010
34 176
Name for a morbidly obesse woman from the north of england, much like a 50yr old+ chav

To imitate - deepen your voice as if something is stuck in it and add a nothern accent, rather raspy
Something a Chur would say "Ooh er i do like me chips and fake tan"

by anonimo1x July 11, 2008
40 204