Spanish, from chupar, "to suck"

1. A sucker candy or a pacifier
2. A hickey
Un chupon puede ser una forma util de cumplir las necesidades emocionales de los ninos. ("A pacifier can be a useful way to fulfill the emotional needs of children")

Tengo la carne y tengo el sazon, podemos jugar pero no dejes el chupon ("I have the meat and I have the flavor, we can play but don't leave hickeys", from a pitbull song)
by Mark Williamson December 04, 2007
Top Definition
An undefeatable enemy in Final Fantasy 6 (That's Final Fantasy 3 for you americans who don't know any better)

He cannot be truly beaten in the game and is an optional fight later on. He still can't be beaten there either. He sneezes your party members out before he dies.

All hail Chupon.
Bob: Hey Fred, can you beat Chupon in the coliseum?
Fred: Bob, you're such a noob. No one can beat Chupon.
by chupon June 19, 2004
Man that is genetically fused with ghouda cheese.
Chupon smells like cheese.
by Aelia June 19, 2004
Chupon is my babys daddy!
Bringer of Sperm.
by Aniker June 19, 2004
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