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Jamaican / Trinidadian slang and dialect for 'stupid'. See also dotish.
Ah tell ya, pahtnah ... de boy chupid fuh so!
by Socapedia August 17, 2012
Meaning Stupid, Used in Jamaican Patwas. Also commonly used in urban slang
Dat likke eediat bway too chupid
by RM06 December 24, 2006
Known as "stupid" but offering a compliment. The real definition is smart/smart-ass.
Bobby Jo: OH shit, I got a D in English.
Billy Bob: It's aiight, you're still chupid
by Jenise March 18, 2008
Stupid, as used by people of the rap community, usually black rappers, or white boys pretending to be from 'the hood'.
'look at that person endevouring to jack that vehicle, he's a chupid fellow.'
by Nj1987 May 22, 2007
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