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Jamaican / Trinidadian slang and dialect for 'stupid'. See also dotish.
Ah tell ya, pahtnah ... de boy chupid fuh so!
by Socapedia August 17, 2012
15 6
Meaning Stupid, Used in Jamaican Patwas. Also commonly used in urban slang
Dat likke eediat bway too chupid
by RM06 December 24, 2006
10 4
Known as "stupid" but offering a compliment. The real definition is smart/smart-ass.
Bobby Jo: OH shit, I got a D in English.
Billy Bob: It's aiight, you're still chupid
by Jenise March 18, 2008
8 7
Stupid, as used by people of the rap community, usually black rappers, or white boys pretending to be from 'the hood'.
'look at that person endevouring to jack that vehicle, he's a chupid fellow.'
by Nj1987 May 22, 2007
2 7