a folk tale used to scare little spanish children.
if you stay out late the chupacabra will eat you joseltio.
by bill cosby November 22, 2002
Top Definition
or "goat sucker" is a small animal said to be unknown to science and systemically killing animals in places like Puerto Rico and Mexico. In reality, it is most certainly a fictional creature with vampire like tendencies and an appearance on an episode of the TV show, SeaLab 2021.
The hunter became the hunted when the chupacabra picked up his human scent.
by brian April 11, 2005
a mythical creature wich is known to feast on animal blood such as goats, dogs, etc.
(means "goat sucker" in spanish.)
i have seen the chupacabra! and its hideous mannnn. i mean its freakin ugly.
by bill cosby November 22, 2002
Family Memeber who leeches off other family members all the time
Jack is straight chupacabra nowadays, its time to kick his ass out!!
by LAMER October 04, 2002
Goat sucker
Known to make precise incisions into the necks of cattle, sometimes extracting their intestines. Some believe it to be an alien weapon! It is an upright creature with sharp teeth and a protruding spine with wings.
by Mental Macca September 17, 2003
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