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A person who hunts chavs for sexual gratification.
"I proper chunted that boiiiii"

"I'm going on the chunt bruv"

"I'm getting chunty with it"

"I don't see nuthin' wrongggg with a little chunt and grind"

"Get your chunt out"

"And they said 'I'm a fire chunter, a twisted fire chunter'"
by thechunters December 12, 2009
Chunter - Talk in a low inarticulate manner i.e. mutter. Maybe of Lancastrian or Yorkshire origin.
Bill: "Mhhnahurufhrahur..."
Ted: "What are you chuntering about?"
by Maximillian Sexcrime August 21, 2003
To complain
Gerald does nothing but chunter about his girlfriend
by Unwin Scutterwold July 18, 2003
A baby so absolutely ugly that it becomes oddly adorable.
The baby....so ugly, yet so beautiful. It has to be a chunter!
by nuggetphil22 June 13, 2014
To chat s**t for prolonged periods of time.
Gem: Is chunter a yorkshireism ?
Colin: Probably, what does it mean ?
Gem: Witterin on.
Colin: Oooooooohhhhhhhhhhhhhhh like what dave does when hes on a pill ?
by Rosa Winkel July 25, 2011
An ugly person. See munter.
Often used as part of the term chubby chunter.
"xxxxxx's mum is a right chunter!"
by nN July 26, 2004