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A person of low social acceptance, A person that does not dress accordingly,
uselly reffering to some one of hispanic origin.

The only possible word that chuntara cant derive from is the last name "Chunt".We must assume that the above is a description of a person that had the last name "Chunt"
That girl is a chunt
by Ricardo January 20, 2005
a chika, ruca, ranfla, chola, daughter of a restaurant owner, wears white denim, a black bra with a shirt, has "buddisslike" eyebrows, or one of alfredo's old scams...fruit-picking is also on the menu, hanging lonjas is also part of the description as well as sporting pleather as part of your ensamble. etc. (and the list goes on)

Economically, I'm a chuntara but ITS OKAAAAAA<squeak>AAAAAAAAAAAAAAY!
by La Shortcakes June 19, 2003
richie barba
richie barba is a chuntara
by ? August 11, 2003
Is a Word to be use to define a mexican that has gold teeth, really dark skin from working in Oxnard, a torn shirt that hasn't been washed is 2 months,jeans that has holes in the crotch from scratching so much and pionty boots....another word for chuntara would be Nancy Rodriguez
My boo is a hot chuntara.
by Mai June 23, 2003
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