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(chunky-hunny), a chubby, or fat, girl that thinks she looks fine or just about irresistible when in reality she is far from it, (can be applied to any girl)
"i can't believe that chunny tired to talk to me,"
"man i damn near smacked the fuck out that chunny when she told me she was pregnant,"
"hell nah i ain't fucked that chunny girl...why would i cheat on you? with THAT!?!"
"that chunny thinks she's cool"
by Black Martin September 28, 2009
someone with a very large chin that contains mostly fat and flab. it can be easily squidged.
alex allan
by Rob Lee February 12, 2004
-originates from the chubby, greasy, tub of lard, fanta drinking,doggy breathed, oversized ginger lump named primarily as Alex Allen. Also Known as CHUNNY, AA man, beefy squidge, ass chun and many many other alias's.
'look at chunny, he's picking his spots and eating them'
'Well actually matt i woz jusht scratching, and would you please stop squdging my chun!'
by sam February 14, 2004