(chunky-hunny), a chubby, or fat, girl that thinks she looks fine or just about irresistible when in reality she is far from it, (can be applied to any girl)
"i can't believe that chunny tired to talk to me,"
"man i damn near smacked the fuck out that chunny when she told me she was pregnant,"
"hell nah i ain't fucked that chunny girl...why would i cheat on you? with THAT!?!"
"that chunny thinks she's cool"
by Black Martin September 28, 2009
Top Definition
anything and everything having to do with partying super hard, and getting straight geeked up. (Universal word) created by Sam Gallitz & Ben Dosman 2009
Damn homie im getting straight chunny tonight
by Choper April 30, 2009
Cute , Hot and Funny !
OMG ! That Guy Is Sooooooooo Chunny !
by DJ LuLu ShAdOwCaT eFrOn March 19, 2007
Usually short for Charles. Good looking, funny, popular, and smart.
Chunny: Swag
by carlyn-crew October 03, 2011
females, females vagina
lets go to that pub, their is heaps of chunny there
by Lroc November 26, 2005
A Chinese Hunny.
Let's go to the True Color club, there's great chunny in there.
by guangzhou July 13, 2012
A very evil wood figure of a bunny riding a chicken. It chooses one person to do most it's evil to. Usually one that's in love so it can do all it can to ruin everything and even hurts them, their love, and sometimes other people if they try to help the person. It also does small things to other people to irratate or annoy them. It is EXTREMELY DANGEROUS! If one is seen do not stay around and if one is purchased DO NOT keep it!
Thanks to the chunny my true love has cancer and nobody likes him.

The chunny almost killed your mom because she tried to help me!
by Holly Heaton February 18, 2010
to be chil and funny all at the same fucking time!
stephani and jessica are the gay kings of the chunny mushroom head people
by burple and blite November 29, 2007

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