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The nick name given to the crappy Miami Heat forward Antoine Walker for his poor conditioning and love for Campbell's Chunky Noodle soup!
1. Commentator 1: Chunky Noodles for 3... and airball.
Commentator 2: He almost hit the rim that time.

2. Commentator 1: J-Will passes to Walker. Walker stops and looks for someone to pass it to. Looks...looks...still looking...aaand... heeee.....throws it away. That's Chunky Noodles for ya!
Commentator 2: I'm surprised his fat ass was even out there. Did he really pass his conditioning test?
by Alex 122 October 02, 2007
6 2

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1. a type of soup created by campbells

2. a fat mans penis.
1. mmmm this is some good chunky noodle

2. mmmm this is some good chunky noodle
by lord salmon August 09, 2005
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