when you go skinny dipping with fat girls
rick got drunk and went chunkydunking with that 400 pound chick
by mr rick March 12, 2010
Top Definition
When fat people go skinny dipping!
Last night Chris, Amber, and Amy went chunky dunking in Uncle Chewy's hot tub but got kicked out when Uncle Chewy brought back a couple prospects to go Chumura on.
by Sac April 11, 2005
Skinny dipping for the corpulent. Fat-assed exhibitionism.
That BBW wanted to go chunky dunking in the hot tub with me. I told her I would, but that I was afraid we'd have to take turns!
by Russell Clark May 18, 2006
Skinny people skinny dip, Fat people chunky dunk.
The fat mexican was chunky dunking
by J. Sabin/ J. Bernier April 04, 2008
like skinny dipping but for fat people
husband: wanna go skinny dipping tonight?,

wife(after 3 kids): I'm to fat for that, how about chunky dunking?
by cians mom April 02, 2016
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