large and in charge people swimming without clothes on (preferably in the dark)
we don't skinny dip, we chunk dunk!
by nylorac July 10, 2005
Top Definition
the act by overweight people of getting naked and going swimming or havin' a good time in the water. A derivative of "skinny dipping".
Rosie and her friend Oprah snuck into the public pool to go for a "chunky dunk" last night.
by emtak January 14, 2007
A term used to describe overweight people swimming naked.
That damn obese cow, you call your girlfriend, can't possibly skinny dip. That whore chunky dunks.
by EEEERYN June 28, 2005
When someone of a rather large exterior (aka fat person) strips down (naked) and goes swimming (once again, naked). A variation of Skinny-Dipping, as when the same occurance takes place, but with skinny people (**cough**anorexia**cough**).
When Kelly Osbourne took a chunky dunk, my eyes burnt right out of their sockets.
by Z-Z July 24, 2006
A chunky dunk is the same thing as a skinny dip but for people who have been around the block a few times and aren't "skinny" any more.
Honey, now that we're older, let's go out for a chunky dunk in the lake.
by hisgirl1976 January 16, 2010
When a skinny man has vaginal intercourse with an obese woman. The skinny man is on top while the obese woman is on the bottom therefore he is dunking his penis into her.
"OMG, I am so horny right now I would even chunky dunk Kirstie Alley!"

"Yo, your mama's so fat even Ruben Studdard thought she was a chunky dunk!"
by yopeacenlove October 14, 2009
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