(Noun / Adjective) Music sub-genre of Jungle-Drum'n'Bass

Chungle Choons / Chungle Music

Jungle riddims / beats / tunes of a Chilled / relaxed / down-tempo / ambient / moody nature.

CHILLED = relaxed, down-beat, relaxing


JUNGLE = an electronic music sub-genre of Drum'n'Bass, encompassing a number of different styles including; Ragga-Jungle some breakbeat etc.

Together make CHUNGLE !
Elf Boy:
"maehn, keep tumpin na beasty CHUNGLE riddims on yer webcast bruv!"
"(mate), keep (loudly playing) the (exceedingly pleasing / moving), (down-tempo, Ambient Jungle Drum and Bass) (recordings) on your (web-hosted audio stream / download) (my dear friend)"

"Awight maeht, if ya want CHUNGLE RIDDIMS, I'll keep RINSIN 'em!"
"(Okay) (mate), if you want (Chilled Jungle) (Tracks), I'll (play them until they're old-skool )!"
by AmpliFIRE March 07, 2006
Top Definition
1. The broken up pieces left at the bottom of a chip packet which no-one really likes and are inconvenient and awkward to consume
2. Can also be used to describe something which is the bottom of it's class
1. I don't want these chips, there is only chungle left!
2. Anna Nicole Smith is the chungle of Hollywood.
by team_arr January 16, 2006
n. A fat person. Anyone that needs to lose weight. This does not describe merely an overweight person, but someone who is morbidly obese.
Because of that chungles, people can't eat in some countries.
by ninjas in the wind March 15, 2006
hair that grows in spiral; curl normally found on the back of the neck, though possible any where hair is
betty thought the chungle twister on steve's neck was gross and discusting
by superman January 09, 2005
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