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Another word often used in Canada to describe marijuana, or the act of consuming marijuna. Ive seen it used in both forms.
Yo Sally, take off your panties and get over here and take a chuff of this killer chundu.

Hey Sally, lets go chundu and watch trailer park boys.
by fate June 19, 2006
An ample, round, luscious bosom reminiscent of a Varalaxmi statue in its perfection. Must be at least a D cup, and no sagging is allowed. Typically the owner of such chundus will attempt to hide and/or camouflage aforementioned chundus, but to no avail. Their sheer mass encourages their release from all brassieres and other constraining devices, similar to a black hole effect. Chundus simply beg to be motorboated, and they have been known to cause many a car crash by distracting unsuspecting men (and women). Chundus do not racially discriminate, although the 'standard' and most highly preferred chundu is brown. Also see: tig ol' bitties
"Damn, check out the chundus on that chick"

"Are you a chundu man, or an ass man?"

"I motorboated a chundu last night"

"Stop looking at my chundus, assholes!"
by Motorboat Extraordinaire January 14, 2007

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