A person who as no idea of how to use a personal computer, one who is said to be computer iliterate.
a loser who spends their entire life calling technical support helplines, instead of getting an education or reading the fucking manual, yes you know who you are you fuckwits! see also NUMPTY or MUPPET
by pete the numpty slayer (PTNS) March 04, 2003
Top Definition
a beautiful girl
Molly Lynch is my little chumpers
by Ralphy McGregor April 12, 2004
derogatory term used for people from Sweden. To come from Sweden - racial slur; rude, to have no manners, complete inability to form or wait in a queue; to possess a pig nose, have no taste buds, completely ignorant from areas outside of ones hometown.
Look at those chumpers over there queue up for the candy man.

I hate it when those chumpers cut in from of me in the queue!
by thelonleygoat December 09, 2009
Stoner/ high retard
This kid is such a chumpers all he does is smoke weed and eat all my food
by Pizza3698 November 28, 2014
Idiots that chum Great White's all day for "research", leading to the latest fad of Great White cliques patrolling the beaches looking for swimmers/lunch.
Chumpers led to the death of the swimmer in NZ (attacked by 4). Great Whites associate people with chum.
by Lozi1984 February 28, 2013
A guy who likes to do, mainly, chubby chicks.
Man, Evan is such a chumper ... I never once saw him with a skitch.
by deanwermer February 02, 2008
Someone who tries to be trendy but doesn't get it quite right
Stylish jacket with the wrong shoes or poor fitting jeans or a cheap looking shirt or unkempt facial hair. He looks a bit of a chumper
by Little moose June 11, 2015

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