a person who is your friend and a groupie; chumalicous
Hey! what up chum?!
by Coolie January 03, 2004
chewing tobacco, dip, spitting a hoot
yo you wanna go and chum?
let's go for a chum ride
by dbj737 July 20, 2010
The act of spraying human semen onto something or somebody.
Shit man, I was fapping and I chummed all over my teachers face!
by dnask8r46 October 04, 2009
a cross between chunks and scum, usually found in dirty places. this word can be used to discribe most random objects also.
"i just cleaned all the chum out of the bottom of the dishwasher. scrape your plates next time , idiot."

"i went to the mall and bought some random chum "
by twisted mitch July 20, 2006
noun: slang for hot or warm sperm
girl: yum i love your hot chum in my mouth i havnt had this for a long time
by punckrock October 24, 2004
Chum is another word for ejaculating
hey fred, i'll chum in your mums bum
by australian correspondant December 14, 2006
The act of reaching orgasm.
Upon watching the hot babe walk by, Johnny immiediately headded into the bathroom to chum his trout.
by Scott July 31, 2004

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