A term to describe a repetitive note made into a beat that is usually in heavy music that can be played in unison with different instruments.

Dude, that one part in that Lamb of God song is super chug.
by Tohdman May 08, 2007
To place a big fat cock deep into one's throat and slide up and down the length of it at high speed like a choo-choo train. Sluts who do this are called chuggers and they love to do it all day 'til stream comes off his dick and they get friction burn on their mouths. Sometimes they emit a sounds like a tain as they go.
Sluts love to chug cocks

Only the dirtiest ho's like to chug

Piddys mum loves to chug
by dictionaryman20092 July 13, 2009
A caveman that drinks anything they can get,

for example: Beer, wine, listerine, hand sanitizer, they even drink left over backwash from cans in the dumpster. If they had this land they would starve to death running around naked like monkeys.

Almost every chug has aids or hep c. Interbreeding is common and accepted on every indian reservation.

These monkeys are not even human.......and white man took their land fair and square....fucking indian givers!!!
chug 1 - Hey Ted look, there'sh a white boi, letsh punch him out.

chug 2 - I need shum lishterine firsht.

chug 1 - Hey white boi, give me shum money..thish ish my land and you owe money to ush

white boi - get a life you ugly, lazy caveman, stop mooching off the white people...this land is white land
by chughater0105 November 14, 2009
a freak of nature; he is a plant. and hes not a he.
i wanna smoke some chug
by iwantsomeathat April 21, 2009
A cross between a chihuahua and a pug
The chug was really cute.
by vitamindeath February 27, 2007
to be sick whilst giving head
err bitch you just chugged all over my dick
by j dot and l dot March 07, 2009
Chug is when the computer lags/stutters. Often mistaken as lag which is network orientated.
My computer is chugging omg !!
by T.A.Y.L.O.N July 27, 2007

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