Native Indian that is lazy, receives social assistance, then spends it on drugs and alcohol.
That Chug is homeless and his only skill is doing drugs and chugging alcohol until he passes out.
by CanadianPerspective November 24, 2010
what most deathcore bands sound like
1) Suicide Silence song - chug chug chug chug (breakdown) chug chug chug

2) Whitechapel song - chug (breakdown) chug chug chug chug chug (breakdown) chug chug
by beatdownXXXXXXXXX February 12, 2009
a native person that is an alcoholic
why are all those Listerine bottles behind Walmart? it's those fucking chugs man
by sojs September 24, 2012
something that is terrible or god awful
I just lost my full roll playing online blackjack, so that really chugs.

This chugs!!!
by Risk taker May 11, 2006
A chihuahua and pug mix also known as a "Pughuahua"
Look at that cute Chug
by Rkavman July 06, 2013
CHUG is an acronym that refers to four different Transformers toylines with similar aesthetics, Classics, Henkei, Universe, and Generations. Many consider these to be all part of the same, but much larger line, with name changes to appeal to retailers.
Some people really like the CHUG line of toys, since it updates old characters with cool new designs.
by Kaymac August 24, 2010
Chubby and ugly
All the chicks there were chugs
by pocari123 June 19, 2009

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