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To vomit, in an especially with a projectile manner.
Rob began to heave, and then chuffed all the beer he had just downed.
by anonymous July 28, 2003
The pitiful and crumbly remains of a pouch of rolling tobacco used to make a "prison-rollie".
"Have you got a spare roll-up?"
"Nah, only chuff."
"Aww, sick."
by hjc August 20, 2006
An onamatopeia for the noise an old steam engine makes.

(The American Heritage® Dictionary of the English Language, Fourth Edition)
"Chuff chuff chuff went the little train as it toiled up the hill"
by Laurie August 23, 2004
That gap's tighter than a gnat's chuff.
by Orange Guber July 27, 2003
term used to refer to a repulsively grotesque vagina- one with an unsightly amount of pubic hair and an offensive odor; a vagina belonging to an african american.
Dude, tell your sister to put away her chuff because it is making me feel uneasy.
by Adolfus May 08, 2005
To masturbate, to have a wank
I had a chuff
I fancy a chuff
by Samwell December 22, 2004
Akin to moron. Is used to describe someone who is acting stupidly, or in a imbecile manner. Usually the use of the word is triggered by speech or an act of incredible idiocy; a feeling of cringe on the part of the accuser after witnessing the unfortunate/hilarious event is also common.
The fictional character David Brent in 'The Office' is a prime example of a chuff.
by metal_gimp March 27, 2008