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A chud is a manly looking woman and sometimes can be refered to as a dike or lesbian. also as the man in a lesbian relationship.
Amy: "she looks like a chud!"

Amber: "she must be the man in the relationship!"
by Amy Dixon October 27, 2008
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a chud is typically any white trailer trash who is always at a run-in with the law.
Is usually doing insanely stupid things to get caught.
i just saw those chuds getting arrested for smoking meth in front of the police station.
by clayton wilkens September 25, 2008
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The true patriot at heart. Characterized by a healthy love of beer, sports, no-homo bonding, and all things American
Oh man, her dad is such a chud. I aspire to be like him.
by DARBIE September 02, 2008
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Any food that is consumed in lieu of that which provides sustenance in the manner the body requires to function at utmost potential. A quick fix. The primary sources for such food are convenience stores, snack and frozen-food aisles, and fast-food restaurants. The chuddiest of chud refers to Krystal or White Castle hamburgers.
"So, what do you want to eat tonight?"
"Um, I guess I'll just get some chud. My wife doesn't feel like cooking."

"Man, that chud was pretty good. It'll definitely make a turd."
by Roostification July 10, 2008
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A penis which is wider than it is long. Can also be used to describe a subject that is particularly weird/grotesque/"chuddish". Much to popular error, it is pronounced "Chudd", and not the alternative "Chode", which is completely incorrect. Words can also be added to the end of it, to create a new word which shows great literature and lingual skills.
Man: Did you hear about that Berty guy?
Friend: Yup, complete chud!

Man: Awh man that dog is a complete chud!
Friend: Yeh, more like a "Chud-dog"

Man: You see that movie "The Water Horse"?
Friend: What the one about the giant chud?

Berty:........what's a chud?
by Simon Alnaimi February 22, 2008
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An extremely rotund person.
My gosh, he's a total chud !
by JennyBunny October 29, 2007
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Name given to the homeless mental patients who were put on the street when the asylums closed. They were confused and scared so some returned to the closed asylum, the only place they felt comfortable.They live in the catacombs and go out only at night to look for food and clothing in the trashcans and dumpsters. They have excellent night vision and hearing, and they tend to be lean and strong. Their children are retarded and animalistic, and even more adapted to life in the wild. They avoid people because even being retarded,they know that an encounter will bring police in on them. Their dead are buried in secret places and not documented or marked. They have a habit of trading things for food or toys. They are tribal, and we think they have chosen a queen and we think she writes her name as ROWDY!
Do not meddle in the realm of the Chuds, for you are crunchy and go well with catsup!
by Snidely November 05, 2006
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