Used as an insult for lack of a better word.
Lick the chud buddy... lick it.
by Rishi Kumar March 23, 2003
a chud is typically any white trailer trash who is always at a run-in with the law.
Is usually doing insanely stupid things to get caught.
i just saw those chuds getting arrested for smoking meth in front of the police station.
by clayton wilkens September 25, 2008
1: Ground up fish used to bring sharks to the surface of the water by shark hunters and scientist.

2:Also a word for period blood.
1: After we ground up six pounds of chud we saw our first hammer head.

2: My girl was on the rag and I got chud on my dick.
by Hungry Hungry Herman May 02, 2007
A headbanger, rocker or skid. Someone who is stupid and ugly and probably lives in a trailerpark - beside the dumpster. Cocaine.
Yeah, I went this party last night and it was a bunch of chuds.
by Suzi-G February 28, 2003
A chud is a manly looking woman and sometimes can be refered to as a dike or lesbian. also as the man in a lesbian relationship.
Amy: "she looks like a chud!"

Amber: "she must be the man in the relationship!"
by Amy Dixon October 27, 2008
(Chud) Any crude liquid or creamy based substance released from the body.
"Man, you sick! You about to chud?"

"I left some major chud in your toilet."

"You dick! You blasted me with chud!"
by Trevor Anderson January 18, 2005
a penis that is 4 times wider than it is long, related to the chode, chod, and the chob
"Wow he has a really fat chud"
"What a chud"
"He needs some chud pants"
by Chodepants December 13, 2004
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