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Slang for chewing gum
Anyone want a chud?
by Jack TSS April 12, 2009
Chewing Gum
"Do you have any Chud?" Asking for chewing gum...
by Lady Turner August 13, 2009
You're being a total chuD...or shall i say LOSER
by McQueasy July 07, 2010
a vagina
aww dude her chuds manky
by peter piper43434354 July 28, 2010
a baby bought into this world via the anus. a rather large poo (chud)
man i went to use her toilet and had to back away...she had left a huge chud in there.

ergh!! look at the size of my chud!!

smells like you just stood in chud
by savagelike May 24, 2010
Anyone who has no good qualities at all:
Assholes, morons, idiots, jerks, preppy pieces-of-shit, meatheads, etc.
This place is full of chuds.
Johnny's such a chud, he's a chudstein barr.
Don't be a chud, just get in the car...
Are you gonna buy the beer, or are you gonna be a chud
by JMG1987 March 27, 2010
a 4x4 gang located in south central ohio dedicated to straight axel preformance.
them team chud boys were out tearin up the streets.
by inline6 January 27, 2010