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"chuds" is a widely popular word in the town of hilton in rochester new york for a slang term for marijuana/buds
buyer:yo son u got any chuds?
dealer:ya how much u lookin for
by jambaree23dicks November 23, 2010
A person that constantly disappoints friends and family.

Such as being late for their own party, never being able to be contacted when needed and forgetting important events.

Other characteristics of a chud, include, but is not limited to trying to act kawaii and consistently fails at their attempts to do anything.
I can't believe that chud is late for his own party.
Dude, did you see that chud randomly blurt out stuff during class.
by Kiddwarrior June 14, 2014
Any person who is an asshole, low class, ghetto, stupid, or difficult to be around. This word is all encompassing. It can be used to describe any race but always in a derogatory fashion.
These chuds didn't leave a tip. Shocking!
This bar is sketchy, too many chuds.
Chuds breed chuds, it's science.
by keithwantedit March 30, 2014
A cooked item or dish which, on presentation, looks uncharacteristically slimy or gross. Usually chud food is unexpected and the sign of a bad chef.
That empanada looks like a CHUD.
by lucidreamstate May 13, 2011


Scary shit.
Jayme loves the chud.
by Team Foxski December 07, 2010
Chud- Another form of chode or a penis that is longer in diameter than it is in actual length.
We were at a party and Matt kept hitting on all the nasty bitches like a fuckin chud.

Sean got hammered with Josh on the 4th and acted like such a collassal fuckin chud.
by dbreezy98 July 19, 2010
An underground race of green sewer monsters that are seeking to dominate the world through the fashion industry, specifically tight ass emo pants.
Dude, look at all those Chuds walking down the street, I can see their camel toe from here.
by CHUDS!!!!! July 10, 2008