Curly Haired Urban Dweller, PC term for an urban black or hispanic.
The chuds were seen looting in Nawlins.
by Arid Shrub December 25, 2005
Chud is the fat that bulges out when an overweight female wears a shirt that is too tight for her and/or wears pants that are too low. Chud is loosely based on the base system. 1st base being the stomach chud of a fat chick, 2nd base is the side fat that shows up, 3rd base is the back chud that is visible (back chud is the rarest form of chud), and a home-run is when a fat chick has all three kinds of chud and also has a little bit of ass crack showing at the same time.
Ed: "Hey man check out the chud on that chick over there."
John: "Oh no she's bending over and it looks like she just hit a home-run. I think I might throw up."
by Swany December 23, 2005
A chunk of crud, often refering to something in your eye.
I have a chud in my eye.
by malurus April 13, 2005
A mixture of cheese and mud caused by the interaction of dairies and trench warfare.
Wipe that chud off uniform, soldier.
by Steve November 19, 2003
A friend, or companion.
A intimate friend.
Best friend.
etc, etc, etc.
"Awww. You're my best chud."
by Lolzhi March 18, 2006
A highly powerful and supremely attractive man, often admired, and even revered, by others, as well as the best at whatever he does.
Some girl: I think I could just die, a chud just graced me with a few words...
by Lord Chud sur Paendragoran December 19, 2005
Cannibalistic Humanoid Underdwelling Demon
See movie : C.H.U.D. or Donnie Darko
adj; "That guy is such a chud"
acronym; see above
by Q-Ball October 01, 2003

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