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Originated from the childrens good time character Chucky Cheese. Used to refer to a fake azz person. Immature and stupid as hell.
Son: Mom, why daddy always cutting us short on the support.

Mom: Cuz his Chucky Cheese azz aint got no god damn sense.
by hypnautic September 08, 2004
33 20
Hell hole full of assholes, talking vermin, and shitty pizza. Bars pumping blaring annoying techno music have a better atmosphere.
I have to go to Chucky Cheese, and afterwords I'm gonna get drunk and drive off a cliff.
by Teh Bucky September 15, 2004
107 30
A place for petifiles to scout out potential victims. Place of choice for snatching is generally the ball pit.
Hey Derrick how about we go down to Chucky Cheese and hang out in the ball pit?
by Kayleen August 16, 2006
69 24
Chucky Cheese's is an establishment characterized by debauchery aimed to attract children who ask their parents to throw them birthday parties there.
I went to my nephew's birthday party last night. It was at fuckin' Chucky Cheese's.
by Ted Lewis December 28, 2003
52 13
A spamtastic place to spend your best friends 15th birthday! Actually spelled Chuck E. Cheese
"Last night at my son's 3rd birthday party, I met a couple of hookers at Chucky Cheese."
by Alien Girrrrl. October 07, 2006
33 17
A guy is straddled, creamed and blooded in the face, punched and gets pepperoni thrown at his face.
He was being an asshole so he got a chucky cheese.
by berenstein bear February 17, 2008
18 10
he like to plesure girls with his cheese
please chucky more cheese
by art vandlia October 09, 2003
29 25