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The coolest nickname in the world for the coolest person in the world. Likes to be wild crazy and outgoing.
Hey Chuckster lets see a movie.
Wow Chuckster is soo cool!
by Chloe Gooidano October 28, 2006
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A sentient goal-seeking being. Seeks maximization of acquisition of all goods and services (whether useful to him or not) at the least price - preferably zero. Pursuit of this goal has resulted in the unintended consequence of becoming "The most banned man in America"
The manager of the "All you can eat" buffet caught me stuffing extra food in my backpack and told me that Chucksters were not allowed.
by Roger Beep November 07, 2003
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Someone who chucks others. Talking to them usually results in you getting thrown.
by Myax July 15, 2015
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A crazy skinny guy, with incredible strength, and great sense of humor. A real crowd pleaser. The real party starter.The ability to be funny and kick ass at the same time, while being skinny.
Hey, did you guys see Chuckster kick the shit out of that guy, over there, man it was funny!
Thank god, the Chucksters showed up, because this party was really starting to suck ass!
by cHARLEs BLAck December 26, 2003
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noun- A glass of Blue Moon Beer served with a shot of orange vodka in it.
"Hey bartender she has nice tits, order her a chuckster on me"
by Drinking bartender February 11, 2010
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