The "Chuckle Brothers" nickname has been applied to Northern Irish former political enemies Ian Paisley and Martin McGuinness who developed a mutually-tolerant working arrangement when the Northern Ireland peace process at the end of the twentieth century eventually led to the two of them working together. They surprised many when they were sometimes seen laughing together in public. The nickname was borrowed from an English comedy duo called the Chuckle Brothers.
So jovial do they appear that one Ulster Unionist has dubbed them "the chuckle brothers." (BBC report)
by Josifer January 09, 2014
To "chuckle brother someone" is a slang term for spit roast
deriving from the catch phrase "to me to you"
"Me and gary chuckle brothered this blonde last night"

BOB "Whats sarah doin?"
FRED "Dunno probably gettin' chuckle brothered"
by L0LitsN0rman September 08, 2008
a bunch of old age losers with a penchant for saying "to me, to you" and then getting into hilarious trouble which splits my sides.
oh look, the chuckle brothers are on TV
by Granny Apple January 06, 2004
The Chuckle Brothers should be defined as Chuckle Father and Son as that is clearly what they are.
The shorter one, Barry, with all the wrinkles and the thicker brush is the dad. Makes you wonder which one came up with the idea that they would call themselves "brothers" and entertain small children for the rest of their miserable lives?
by Jon Taylor March 25, 2004
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