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1.nickname for the worlds saddest clown
2.the state of being after a horrible situation in which you can no longer laugh
1.(Toy Story 3) -->Sunnyside is a horrible place of darkness and despair run by a bear that smells of strawberries, just ask Chuckles.

2.Today he failed his physics test...

How do you know?
He looks like Chuckles.
by julysummer2010 dodos June 22, 2010
when someones laughing o put them down
Laugh it up, chuckles.
by Paolo October 28, 2003
Although a small and subtle word, the single utterance of this word will unleash great terror upon the world. For it is the creature that forms when Chuck Norris and Bruce Lee fight each other and form Chuck Lee. Fear him as the dark laugh of death descends upon you.
by Hubrism August 17, 2011
a fat man usely stuffed into a small car (neon, civic, fox body mustang). sleeps in his car for days at a time usely in the same clothes . smells very bad. lives of menthol ciggrettes and crappy gas station food. he gets off on c-blocking most of his freinds and always thinks he is the best . voted most likely to die alone in school , never had a girl freind and only has a think for black women
your a f***ing chuckles you know that?
by sexyjesusNJ August 17, 2009
another word for the testes
an effective way to take down an enemy is to punch them directly in the chuckles.
by nickers May 19, 2005
Another word for Converse, more specifically Chuck Taylors... or, if you are really hip, Chucky T's.

Oh.. and, apparently... its also a word for balls. So... thats weird.
"Frickin... I lost one of my chuckles up that dude's ass..."
"Man, those Chuckles are totally coma"
"I began my life as a squiggly wiggly tadpole in my da's chuckles."
by MILK (I do a body good... bitch) January 19, 2006
You get a girl into your room, and when she gets a good look at you, she leaves in disgust.
jeff has had many women pull a chuckles on him.
by 723k2 August 13, 2007