The act of discussion sexual relations (Fucking) with your partner in a chat client, ie: AOL Chat, Google Talk, Lotus Sametime, Yahoo Chat.

Short for Chat Fucking
That was the best chucking I've had in a long time

Thanks for chucking me at work today, it made the day go by faster.
by MasterChucker January 13, 2011
Top Definition
Throwing game out at every chick you meet, no matter the place impeding others in the process. Usually involves the work place and is never successful. 99% of the time the female is not receptive to your game and rejects you. One who does this is known as a Chucker.
"Where is Clay right now, we have to get these reports in?" "Well, he is in the middle of chucking on Sloane from accounting in the break room, they will have to be late again."
by SEW666 August 23, 2014
chucking is the act of tagging random chuck norris facts in random places such as porto-johns, public bathroom stalls, etc.
Dam gina, you have been chucking all over the place!
Man i just chucked the shit out of all those porto-johns!
by nonostoneyent January 17, 2010
The art of throwing discus, shot-put, javelin, etc. The best chucker on one's team is known as the king chuck and the rest of the team are his local "chuck's." Chucker's hate running with a passion
Person 1: What are you doing in track this year?

Person 2: Dude, I'm chucking of course. In fact, I'm your king chuck.

Person 1: I'm sorry sir I wasn't aware--

Person 2: Don't give me that! You earned yourself a lap.

Person 1: NOOO!!!
by Anthony Thomas Ryan the First March 17, 2008
Chucking (verb): To get incredibly drunk at a Chuckie Cheese and then proceed to play on, but not limited too, all play equipment
Don and I went chucking when he got back from Japan.
by Corpsman555 January 03, 2011
A man on man 69 sex game. Usually with two pairs of guys so they can trade off. They roll on the ground while doing it. Usually performed by males who can't get it from a woman.
Damn Brad we really need to have another chucking party again. Except I don't think Steven is free this weekend. Maybe we could convince Ray to come.
by takeoutyourretainers May 04, 2009
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