Little prairie dogs that chuck dirt out of their holes every morning.
look at the little chuckers go!!
by montana rancher June 02, 2010
A chucker is a chimp fucker, someone who ass-rapes chimpanzees.
Doug finally went round the bend, and gave in to his inner urges to be a chimp-fucking chucker.
by Jacques Asse April 21, 2009
Someone who resents life and has one working arm. This person can be either male or female but is most commonly known to be 'both'.
Hey, Sean's walking the walk of a Chucker
by Brendon Eight July 22, 2004
One who is unconscious on the basketball court and shoots three point shots without hesitation.
Larry Bird was a true chucker.
by jknausz7 April 15, 2007
Chump plus sucker. A douchebag of the highest order.
You moved F Sevastopal into Armenia in Spring 1901? You fucking chucker.
by Kazz August 01, 2005
one who has an unnatural obsession with chinese people; a chink fucker
dude, kerry is such a chucker...she's got to lay off those chinese men!
by sammo the sexy September 27, 2005
gender neutral term, similiar to dude.
jill stood me up yet again. what a fucking chucker.
by wordperve April 26, 2004

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