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A person that has been given way to much credit, and who has atracted the eyes of many faggots out there! They talk so much abot him, that i think that there is a Chuck Norris bible out there some where! Chuck norris goes by 3 known names...

-Chuck Norris (obviously)
-Walker (comma) Texas Ranger
Hey, how many people did Chuck norris killed this episode? 50? 60?
Alcoholic beverage containing mostly apple vodka and orange juice. Causes you to want to pummel human beings after several drinks.
Jeff: We're out of all the good alcohol. What are we going to drink?
Nik: Let's drink Chuck Norris'
Jason: No!!!! I don't want to get my ass kicked again.
by The Coolest Man Alive May 07, 2006
An alcoholic drink consisting of one part vodka and two parts red bull. Aptly named because if you drink them all night, you awaken the next morning with your heart pounding and you feel like you took a round house kick to the face.
"I was about to fade last night so I drank a chuck norris or two, but man am I paying for it this morning.
by Eagle Match June 12, 2007
a movie star who for some reason everyone loves for not really any reason besides he does roundhouse kicks.
chuck norris does roundhouse kicks and everyone loves him
by blackout97 January 14, 2009
If you ever look up 'Chuck Norris' in the Urban Dictionary, you will be bombarded with manly 'Chuck Norris can....' statements. Ya, ya, roundhouse kick, whatever. He's tough I guess. This is a sensible discription of Chuck Norris.
Chuck Norris doesn't wear a watch, HE decides what time it is....
by Aspirations January 11, 2009
One of the worst actors of all time. He thinks he's the greatest man to walk the earth since Jesus. He often tries to attempt martial arts, but most of the time he cannot accompish much of anything because he's wearing tight jeans, a flanel shirt, and a very large cowboy hat. He starred in the Tv series Walker: Texas Ranger, where he can be found in the same attire as stated above. In this series, which has gone down as one of the worst TV series ever, and is only loved by gopher eating hicks and gold prospectors, Chuck Norris fights "bad guys" by methods including: kicking, punching, slapping, and occasionally shooting with varius projectile weapons. So basically the show comes off as a weak attempt to be MacGyver, only with less resourceful inventions, and a little bit less mullet. Other than TV Chuck Norris has starred in horrible movies and made for TV movies (The Walker: Texas Ranger Movie). In these movies he does pretty much the same actions as he does in Walker: Texas Ranger, however the outfits may vary occasionally (may I emphasize the occasionally). So in all, Chuck Norris is one of the biggest failures America has ever seen. I will conclude with the tagline from his movie "Sidekicks": "A dreamer and a champion. An unbeatable team, until his hero stepped out of his fantasies to fight by his side." Sexual fantasies? Yes, I think so. Gross. Thank you.
Bad Guy: "What do you want Walker?"
Walker: "Fifty years of your life"
*Bad guy slowly pulls out gun, Walker quickly pulls out gun and shoots him*

Asian Man: "I like your Ranger Walker."
by Ralph Wiggum March 16, 2005
Justin Bieber's hero, also known as the person who can roundhouse kick anyone in the face if they don't support Biebs.
RANDOM CHUCK NORRIS MOMENT: Chuck Norris doesn't buy My World because he already has a world of his own.. but that doesn't mean you shouldn't..
by BeliebersAreAmazing April 03, 2010