When you are giving it to a chick from behind, you yell out "Who's the boss?" She'll get confused, turn her head around, at this moment, you donkey punch her in the face and then scream CHUCK NORRIS!!!
Oh man, I totally pwned Jeff's mom last week when I gave her a Chuck Norris.
by Carlo Festejo September 24, 2007
Having sex with a girl, when you are about to ejaculate pull out, and give her a round house kick.
Every year on my birthday Jen lets me give her a Chuck Norris.
by Tony G in Florida May 18, 2007
In Texas chuck norris is slang for cocaine. it is called chuck, taking karate chops to the face, at war with chuck, and just plain o'l chuck norris.
Yo henry! u throwin' down for that 8 of chuck norris bro?
of course mayne...i been takin round house kicks to the face all muthuh fuggin day!
by Faruhlz November 29, 2006
the act of punching a guy in his balls
"I hate Jimmy. I should chuck norris his so hard he has to go to the E.R."

"Man, Jimmy Chuck Norrised me so hard i alsmost had to go to the E.R."
by Stephen Lellan October 23, 2006
A person that has been given way to much credit, and who has atracted the eyes of many faggots out there! They talk so much abot him, that i think that there is a Chuck Norris bible out there some where! Chuck norris goes by 3 known names...

-Chuck Norris (obviously)
-Walker (comma) Texas Ranger
Hey, how many people did Chuck norris killed this episode? 50? 60?
a martial artist turned washed-up actor whose name has now resurfaced to mean bad ass. Also, is often associated with a male who has had sexual intercourse with many women (pimp or mac daddy) .
Shut the fuck up before I go Chuck Norris on your ass!

Man, he is so Chuck Norris. His slow day consists of 200 women!
by Gauffre May 22, 2006
No man can describe such a word. Some say that he is a devout christian. He lays in his bed at night and waits for Jesus to pray to him.
Jesus: Hey, umm, Chuck? May I call you Chuck?

Chuck Norris: What is it

Jesus: Hey, uh, can you, uh, please stop swimming on land, you're making me look bad. Sorry for the notice....

(Awkward Pause)

Jesus: NAW! Jus kidding man..... :(
by PLopPLopFizzFizz June 03, 2010
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