when god said, "let there be light." CHUCK NORRIS said,"say please."
when god said,"let there be light." CHUCK NORRIS said,"say please."
by da trick biatch March 16, 2006
Superman and Catwoman once had a son, this boy was tought martial arts by Jackie Chan and learnt how to use the force by Yoda. He had joint lessons from Hitler and Stalin on becoming powerful, and he once took on the whole of sparta.... and won!...

This boy was bullied at school by Chuck Norris
Chuck Norris kicks ass
by Lorry_69 January 18, 2009
The reason Waldo is hiding.

C whut i did thar?
Waldo is hiding because of Chuck Norris.
by This is an alias. January 19, 2009
A Super Human Who Can Do Anything...!
Chuck-Norris Can Breath Underwater Holding His Breath!
by Riidz_786 October 08, 2011
A man who owns no coffee pot because he grinds the coffee beans with his teeth and boils the water with his own rage!
All you Chuck Norris haters have nothing better to do than blast him for what you say are failed attempts, lame, douchebag, or fake hollywood exaggerations of a normal man, but I can tell you that he OWNS his own tae-kwon-do and Karate dojos, and will kick your ass without as much a courtesy as a roundhouse kick to the face, but to your BALLS! Did you ever think that all that mid-2000 hype was just what they were? JOKES!! I honestly doubt that a single Chuck Norris Facts joke creator/inventor ever had a serious belief that the man was god himself or that the information was even possible (except for sneezing with his eyes open, that is very possible for many people, check out myth busters). All you haters hating on Norris and his fans are claiming him to be a failure...He still makes millions every year, he is in better shape than all of you, and has more houses than you will ever sleep in your entire life! Last time I checked, failures don't get what they want... Norris got almost everything. Beat that Bitches!
by roundhouse_kick_warning July 28, 2011
A man who has 4 biographies written simply on his feats and whose legend is undescribable.
Chuck Norris's dick is big that it has its own dick. And Chuck Norris's dick is bigger than your dick.
by chucknorrisisprettycool June 24, 2011
A freak of nature, able to kill people with an intimidating stare, roundhouse-kick anything into dirt, and destroy a nation.
chuck norris once had an erection. There were no survivors.

the atomic bomb was discovered when chuck norris split an atom with his fist.

Hurricanes are a direct result from chuck norris breathing heavily

The rhicter scale was developed to measure chuck norris's stomach growl

When Chuck Norris hunts, he doesn't use a gun. He just looks into his prey's eyes and they kill themselve's to escape his punishment.

Chuck Norris beat the Hulk in arm wrestling. Then he round-house kicked the angry right out of him.

Chuck Norris once failed a class. Then he wiped that class off of the face of the Earth.

Chuck Norris and Superman used to be roomates on Krypton. One day they had a disagreement, and chuck norris punched the planet apart.

When Chuck Norris pops his pimples, they grunt

Chuck Norris willl scare 2012 away.
by maisonJjjm March 16, 2011
Chuck Norris: 'nough said
1. What the hell happened?

2. Chuck Norris

1. oh...
by XyessireebobX April 01, 2011

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