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you don't find chuck norris, chuck norris finds you!
I tried to find chuck norris on here and then it said "chuck norris found you"
by tuggerina August 19, 2011
chuck fuck norris is god
you be chucking it hombre, just like a tom!
by Dr. Snuggles July 10, 2003
he will rape you if you lay a finger on him so screw off
look its chuck norris, lets get his autograph but make sure he doesnt kick your ass.
by esteban bag October 17, 2004
Chuck norris is the all american hero he is amazing and uber
Chuck Norris won ww2 vietnam kicked out sadaam while making love to an amazing hot supermodel
by Yo September 08, 2004
1. White Ninja/Cowboy/Actor Guy
2. Someone who throws up all over the drama room at school
1. Damn, Chuck Norris is a pimp
2. James threw up all over the drama room today, so from now on were calling him Chuck Norris.
by Mike March 07, 2004
v. to perform a totally cool and violent action, observable by peers

v. to judiciously kick a man, woman, child, or animal's ass

v. to maintain street credibility;
adj. for street cred
Did you see the way Stewart Chuck Norrised that fucking guy's neck? That's awesome.

Phil Chuck Norrised that cat because it gave him a look and walked across the hall.

Did you see the way Travis slapped that bitch? That's Chuck Norris.
by the colonel March 30, 2005
The badest mofo of dem all. DONT F*%K WITH CHUCK!!!
When chuck norris jumps into a pool, he doesn't get wet, the pool gets chucked.

One day a man asked chuck norris if his real name was charles. Chuck norris did not respond, but rather stared at him until he exploded.

Chuck norris doesn't have AIDS but he gives them to people anyway.

If you can see chuck norris he can see you. If you can't see chuck norris, you may be only be seconds away from death.
by haaaaaaanh! December 31, 2005