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john and yaco.
dang, that chubbylumpkins looks good. josh and kyle are always hating on them chubbylumpkins, maybe they should pray about that.
by james tony madison August 24, 2008
6 1
A cute, adorable creature. Usually a small child, is accustomed to producing loud noises. Loves to play. Is very ticklish, loves the band They Might Be Giants (because of all the kids's songs). Can also be an adult who is very random and has sarcastic sense of humor and a very strange vocabulary. Likes to make things rhyme.
"Awww, what a cute little chubbylumpkin."
by SheisSara February 04, 2010
4 4
Two scene kids, Madden and Yaco, who are working on beats in GPIU.
hello, chubbylumpkins!!!
by mctaco August 20, 2008
3 3