When a penis is fatter that it is taller. Basically if the girth(perimiter) is more than the height.
I filled that fucking slut's loose puss with my Chubby.
by DerfMan August 11, 2003
a wood-like erection starting at the base of the penis and working its way to the top.
When I looked at my Mom, I inherited a chubby.
by infiniti August 15, 2003
A refference to, cross dressing wannabe Transvestite kids that crave attention. Anyone that openly says they're gay, just to turn into a bitch and then fag the place up.
"fucking a mate, you say theres going to be a Donkey Show AND a Chubby is gettin his/hers/its Kakes taken!?"

"Seriously dude, Chubby is a bitch, and hes not even a girl yet!!!"

"Chubby definitly has the bitch part down pat."

"Ever since that guy turned Chubby, hes fagged the place up."
by RocNyoArea May 29, 2007
Nasty. Meaning you have excess weight and that it hangs out of your stomach and it is pretty noticable...not exactly fat but most certainly not skinny or lean.
That man is very chubby, he should try to go on a diet for everyones sake.
by WOOT! July 13, 2003

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