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An erection.
Also see hard-on stiffy
Dancing is tough when you've got a chubby.
by The Grammar Nazi November 07, 2001
A cat, most commonly a male, with homosexual tendencies
That male cat is trying to hump that other male cat, what a chubby!
by stephla1488 June 06, 2008
An erect peni.
"Put your shirt on, you're giving me a chubby"
"I have achieved a chubby of the penis kind"
by iam June 26, 2003
erect cock
Ana has a chubby in Eric's Mom's ass!
by Markus January 25, 2004
Another word for loser.
Ian stop being such a chubby!
by KiBeCh January 28, 2009
When a male hick gets a boner
When i wack off i get a chubby
by Anonymous May 04, 2003
When a penis is fatter that it is taller. Basically if the girth(perimiter) is more than the height.
I filled that fucking slut's loose puss with my Chubby.
by DerfMan August 11, 2003