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Any girl that is involved with a guy named Kenny.
Do you remember the episode of southpark where kenny takes that Chubbers to the Jonas Brothers concert?
by TheNomz September 27, 2010
1.One who displays childish qualities and/or misbehaves in a childish fashion.

2. A half erect penis see also half-chub
Megan is being such a chubber. i wish she would grow up sometimes.
by the mecca November 03, 2006
A slightly overweight chick. Most commonly used as a cumdumpster for the night when you cant find a hotty to take home.
"damn, my balls are overflowin! We gotta find me a chubber to take home!"
by KTMNealio December 15, 2003
A hard on
"I had such a big chubber last night
by Christy February 11, 2003
An overweight older child who is not quite obese, but certainly getting there.
Also has fat mostly developed in cheeks (buttock and facial) and chest area. This fat is usually flabbier than that of an actually obese child, and therefore the chubber jiggles a lot when it moves (even when talking), and therefore becomes the primary target of insults and cruel mockery among the neighborhood children.
That boy over there is having a tough time running around the bases. Oh, I wish his parents would buy him looser clothes or put him on a diet. It must be so embarrassing to be such a chubber.
by STJosh April 24, 2007