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A foreigner, esp an American, who goes to Japan to find the "true Japan."

"...A type of bloke who comes to japan and just goes mental, yeah? Fucking plane's barely touched down and they're like running about in kimonos and learning the bloody tea ceremony. They have this notion that Japan is all about samurai and geisha and fucking Zen meditation. That's your chrysanthemum clubber. And it's the hardcore chrysanthemum clubbers what always wind up Japan bashers in the end. Three years on, you find them at the Pig and Whistle crying into their Guinness about the barmy school system and how all the kids are nihilist monsters and the men are imperious children and the women are empty-headed vipers and everything here {in Japan} is fucked six ways to Sunday." -- Isaac Adamson from "Kinki Lullaby"

Similar to Wapanese but living in Japan instead of America.
Daft bastard was a card-carrying chrysanthemum clubber if there ever was one.
by BTW November 03, 2004
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