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A person whose area of expertise is none other than the numerous strains of marijuana that make life great. These people will almost always be breaking up, rolling, and smoking marijuana, without ever letting the nugs leave their sight. Also, chronoisseurs can always and most definitely identify strains of marijuana, decide whose blunt is more nicely rolled, and tell you why glass is better than paper. Do not contest a chronoisseur.
Stoned Kid- "Hey man I got this bag of bangins so im gonna roll this blunt. Lemme get that dutch man."

Chronoisseur- " Sorry brother, but we will rip that dimo of danks out of Walker Texas Chamber and then I shall twist this shit up strawberry style."
by Chronisauraus Rex May 28, 2009
One with an adept knowledge of cannabis and a propensity for stoner culture, who carries particular expertise in the taste and potency of cannabis, usually in its smokable form. Rooted from the word ‘chronic’ which refers to potent cannabis, and of course the word for an expert or judge in matters of taste, a ‘connoisseur’, a chronoisseur is likely to be able to ascertain the potency of a cannabis specimen based on appearance and smell alone. Chronoisseurs can often develop a certain stinginess or sense of superiority in the cannabis they smoke, though many chronoisseurs simply allow their skill set to enhance theirs and others’ cannabis experiences without being cunty about it.
“How do you know the weed’s any good?”
“Cuz I got it from Nadia, man. She’s a chronoisseur.”
“Nadia knows fine grass like Heffner knows fine ass.”

“You must be stoned if you think I’m smoking that garbage.”
“Why’re you such a snob about weed man? Pot is pot.”
“Snob? I prefer the term chronoisseur. There’s nothing wrong with appreciating the finer things in life.”
“Yeah but there’s something wrong with acting like a cunt when someone offers you weed.”
by Laef June 17, 2014
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