A weed-smoker who has to wake and bake; a very addicted pot-smoker
If my boyfriend weren't such a fucking chronic maybe he could get it up once in while.
by Needs to get laid September 13, 2003
Marijuana laced with cocain
Person 1- yo man wanna light up dis chronic?

Person 2- naw man dat shit will fuck you up
by Yan once more May 26, 2006
Third highest quality of weed, behind dro and blueberry yum yum. Not for beginners.
Damn i need some chronic.
by ELBRENDO October 16, 2006
an alternative meaning for chronic is something shocking but in a good way, refering to cannabis.
"Yeah i just got my ride pimped, check out my rims."
"Man that shit is chronic!"
by Oki3 July 22, 2006
something to be legalized,its green, it smells pretty, and it makes you think....what could it be?
weel lets see an example would be marijuana,weed,bud something like that
by ALY November 22, 2004
high quality weed best in south jersey
Kevin:what kind of bud is it
Anthony:chronic the best shit in south jersey
by nj4life May 10, 2008
weed laced with cocaine. usually smoked to add the stimulant effect of cocaine to the depressant effect of weed.
don't smoke too much chronic or you'll find yourself ending up with a cocaine addiction.
by b-low July 23, 2006
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