Natural product grown in "houses" for medicinal purposes. Usually associated with a nickle and a bag.Good for Cataracts, and can be bought in poor and wealthy neighborhoods. So hot, 5 Ohh wants it. Also associated with the feeling of getting high, but no FDA report to prove it.
Did you see all that chronic in that movie Half Baked?

Damn, Dave Chapelle somkes more chronic than Snopp Dogg; look at his eyes.

You're under arrest for possession of Chronic.

It's puff then pass, not puff puff puff then pass the chronic bitch.
by born from Black Skeet July 19, 2005
chronic causes cor pulmonale diseases
my friend died
by aaron May 29, 2004
Originally a word used to refer to a specific strain of cannabis, now used as a slang word reffering to any form or strain of cannabis.
1.Hey Rob, got any chronic?

2.Tom, do us a favour and pass us that chronic will you?
by Mad 'ed April 23, 2006
No matter what everyone else thinks it means, chronic is weed laced with cocaine.
Damn, this chronic has got my heart racing!
by Jaaaaaaaaaaared September 07, 2005
Chron-ic (Kron-ik) 1. n. High quality weed that is usually laced with coke or speed. 2. adj. Crazy or very cool
1. Yo nigga i blazed on some sweet laced chronic last night
2. Yo ur jump was chronic!
by Some dead nigga May 26, 2005
Definition for white people: Good weed laced with coke.

Definition for black people: Really good weed.
White boy:
Shoot, I just smoked a crap load of chronic, and I'm really feeling the effects of the cocain.

Black dude:
Damn, I just smoked a shit load of chronic. That is some really good fuckin weed.
by Knowsniggas March 13, 2005
A weed-smoker who has to wake and bake; a very addicted pot-smoker
If my boyfriend weren't such a fucking chronic maybe he could get it up once in while.
by Needs to get laid September 13, 2003

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